APML sent relief goods to Chitral affectees

CHITRAL: Relief goods consisting on food and non food items were distributed among the affected people of Chitral. Provincial president of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), coordinator for Chitral and Gilgit Mrs Taqdeera Ajmal, Mrs Assia Ishaq additional information secretary and other were present on the occasion who distributed relief goods among affectees at Ayun valley during last night. Earlier that an emergency meeting was held at APML office Chitral under the chair of Auranzeb Mohmand provincial president of APML which was attended by all party workers and senior leaders of APML. Former president Gen retired Parvez Musharraf also telephonically addressed to the meeting and expressed his fully sympathy with the people of Chitral who were affected by flood and earthquake. Committees comprising over two members were detailed for Collecting data and distributing of relief goods among deserving people.

He said that first consignment of relief goods has been reached and this series will be continue until restoration of normal life of these affected people. In second term relief goods were distributed at Danin among leaders and Nazims of 12 union councils which were badly affected by these natural calamity. These goods would be onward distributed among affected people of these areas.

Mrs Taqdeera Ajmal coordinator Chitral and GB were chief guest on the occasion who distributed these food and non food items among the representatives of 12 union councils. Talking to this scribe she said that Parvez Musharraf like Chitral and love Chitrali people. Although he could not visited Chitra personally due to his health condition but his heart is beating along with these people. She said that on the direction of Parvez Musharraf support in term of relief will be continue until carrying routine life of affected people of Chitral.