Baba Haider Zaman reiterates his stand for separate province of Hazara province

Abbottabad: Baba Haider Zaman: Chairman of Sooba Hazara Tehrik has retreated his stand for separate province of Hazara said that until the last paint of blood their struggle will continue.

Sardar Muhammad Yousaf: federal minister for religious affairs in another function held at Jalal Baba Auditorium to remember the 12th April 2010 martyrs of Hazara riots said that they had opted for the legal and constitutional track to achieve the goal of Hazara Province and after the unanimous approval of Hazara province resolution from KPK assembly: it will be tabled in National assembly soon after getting the support from other political parties.

Two major functions were held here to pay homage to 12 April Shuhada’s by two arch rival organizations: Tehrik-e-Sooba Hazara and Hazara Sooba Tehrik one led by Baba Haider Zaman while second by Sardar Muhammad Yousaf. A rally by the Hazara Awami Jirga was also staged led by the Naseer Khan Jadoon: which started from Mandian and ended at main Fawara chowk. It should be noted that on 12th April 2010: seven were died while more than one hundred were injured during Hazara riots with heavy loss of properties. Protests across of Hazara were started after the re-naming of NWFP as Khyber Pakhtunkhaw by the people of Hazara and new move of Hazara province was started then.

Today 4th anniversary of the Hazara riots was celebrated by the different groups. In previous month: Hazara province resolution was presented by PTI MPA’s Qalandar Khan Lodhi: Sardar Muhammad Idress and Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani: which was passed unanimously and is forwarded to national assembly.

Baba Haider Zaman while addressing said that he wants “Independence” as their rights were crushed and people of Hazara have no voice: which can be fulfilled only after the separate province of Hazara. He questioned that validity of the resolution passed by the KPK assembly by quoting the PLD 88 Lahore decision where for the any change in consultation: 2/3rd majority is needed and resolution passed by the KPK assembly is just an eyewash . He also demanded for the change of parliament system to presidential type of system as current system fails to deliver goods to general public and plunders as still at large to loot the wealth of the people with their greediness.

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