Bara plain areas cleared through Khyber one operation, PA Khyber Shahab Ali Shah

LANDIKOTAL: Political Agent (PA) of Khyber Agency Shahab Ali Shah has said that security forces have cleared maximum areas of Bara sub division of Khyber, this he said while talking to mediamen the other day while visiting Landikotal. PA Khyber said that the rehabilitation process has been launched in the areas after the completion of Khyber-1 operation in the area.

“Governor special program for restoration of services in Bara has also been launched “ PA Khyber remarked, adding that through this special development and rehabilitation plan of the governor, the authorities have focused on the restoration of electricity, water, educational institutes, health facilities and the reconstruction of roads.

Shahab Ali Shah said that the security forces were trying to strengthen their position in Bara where more security force personnel have been deployed to restore the writ of government in Bara.He said that Khyber Khasadar Force and Khyber Levy Forces were also deployed in Bara to check crimes and militancy so that the people could live a peaceful life.

Explaining the damages to the educational institutes caused by militants in Bara, PA Khyber said that some one hundred and fourty nine institutes were affected in the area where ninety five of them were completely destroyed.

“We are taking initiatives to provide educational material and teaching staff in the area to provide basic education facility to locals of Bara” Shahab Ali Shah said, adding that administration was taking steps to establish tent schools on emergency basis in the area.

Shahab Ali Shah Said that in the second phase, the reconstruction of health and educational facilities would be started which would probably take some years.In this regard the security of educational institutes, Shahab Ali Shah said,special plan to provide security to schools and colleges was in offing.

PA said that the administration and the security forces were in close contact with the officials of institutes and the administration also held Jirgas with all local elders and informed them about the security situation. He also said that tribal Peace Shareshta ( Lashkers) have been formed in Bara to cooperate with the security forces and administration so that any miscreant and terrorist could not destabilize the security situation.

Earlier Political Agent of Khyber visited the Agency headquarter hospital of Landikotal and issued strict orders to the administration and health staff at the hospital to provide all possible facilities to the patients, adding that private practice inside the hospital has been banned till 3 pm.

PA Khyber, later, met various walks of people including politicians to know about the local people grievances and grudges regarding their problems and issues. Majority of the people complained to PA Khyber to take action on the failures of the Landikotal based political administration, adding that the APA Landikotal was not interested and serious to resolve public problems.

PA Khyber also reportedly held meetings with the heads of the line departments in Landikotal and discussed with them problems faced by the people in Landikotal.

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