Bridge over river Tavi opened for traffic

SIALKOT: After nine-years long inordinate delay, finally the bridge over River Tavi near Saidpur-Bajwat has been formally opened for traffic by the PML-N government with its renewed pledge to provide better means of communication to the people of all the 85 far off bordering villages.

This bridge is located in constituency (NA 111 Bajwat, Sialkot-II), the only way to connect Bajwat villages’ people to rest of the Sialkot.

Local MNA Ch. Armughan Subhani, the scion of Sialkot’s famous political Variyo Family, disclosed this while talking to the newsmen at Variyo House here Wednesday. Variyo Family’s head Ch. Abdul Sattar Variyo (former federal minister), Ch. Khush Akhtar Subhani (former provincial minister), Ch. Tariq Akhtar Subhani (MPA) and local PML-N leaders including Sufi Muhammad Ishaq and Ch. Raza Subhani were present on this occasion.

MNA Ch. Armughan Subhani told that the bridge had been lying unattended and badly damaged for the last several years due to which the thousands of the people of Bajwat villages had been suffering from great difficulties while moving between Bajwat to Sialkot. He said that the PML-N government took very serious notice of this critical situation. Now, the PML-N government has done it by getting this dilapidating and left incomplete bridge. He said that now the bridge is safe and open for everyone. He said that this bridge could be a great blessing for the people of far-off Bajwat bordering villages, which often remained cut off from the rest of Sialkot district due to every rainy-turned-flood season here. The bridge is the only way to connect the Bajwat villages to Sialkot.

He said that bridge’s construction had been lying incomplete for the last nine consecutive years. Now, the PML-N government has fulfilled its promise after completing its construction.

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