Change has come to Balochistan: Sardar Rind

SIBI: Change has taken place in Balochistan. Pakistan Tehreek Insaf would end sense of deprivation fo the province. Citizens of Balochistan should get untied at the platform of PTI for access to resources and coast and securing rights.

These views were expressed by Chief Organiser PTI Balochistan Sardar Yar Mohammad Rind in his telephonic address to public meeting organized by PTI Youth Wing at Hub Thursday.

He asked people to support Imran Khan and take guarantee of their rights, resources and coast and justice. He said this is not time for lip service or tall claims and to follow them. Rulers and heads of parties have made political parties their property and the way jagirs and property is transferred in the same way political parties have system of father to sons. He said PTI is only party which is not property of any jagirdari I it is property of poor, workers, kissans, youth and lovers of the country. He said PTI has capability of resolving burning problems of Balochistan. We would fight till last drop of our blood for rights of the people.

He said PTI tsunami has come to Balochistan which would sweep corrupt rulers. He asked youth and workers to spread message of party to every nook and corner and play their role in activating the party.