City (Bomb defused by bomb disposal suqad)

SIALKOT: The bomb disposal squad has defused a high intensity Indian-made mortar shell, averting the Pasrur tehsil area from heavy disaster here.

Reportedly, some local villagers found a heavy mortar shell in seasonal Naullah Dek near village Chahoor-Phalora, Pasrur tehsil here on Saturday. They informed the local police.

Bomb disposal squad was called in, which defused the mortar shell. They said that the shell was Indian-made, weighing 8 KGs, which was used by the India during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. They added though the shell was rusting but it was still alive.

Earlier, the bomb disposal squad had defused two high intensity anti-tank land mines near village Jandiyala-Pasrur on Thursday.

According to the police, these were the Indian-made anti tank land mines, weighing 14 pound each, which reached here in Naullah Dek in the faster flow of the September 2014 flash floods from India.

Local people had found these mines in Naullah Dek, the police added…

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