City (Food department continue to purchase wheat from small growers)

SIALKOT: The Food Department has yet purchased as many as 560800 bags of wheat from small growers and farmers at the official wheat procurement centers in three Sialkot, Narowal and Gujranwala districts of this region ( a hub of producing best quality bumper wheat yield) here.

According to the Deputy Director Food Gujranwala Region Ch. Muhammad Ajmal, the food department had already provided as many as 1955142 gunny bags to the wheat growers and small farmers at the official wheat procurement centers, enabling them to ensure hurdle-free transportation of the wheat yield there from the fields.

He told the newsmen that the Food Department has also started the delayed official wheat procurement in Gujrat and Mandi Bahaud Din districts, which had been delayed to the bad weather. Food department was purchasing wheat in five districts of Gujranwala Division, while, the PASCO was also purchasing wheat from growers and farmers in Hafizabad district.

He said that food department has yet distributed 349000 gunny bags to growers in Sialkot district, 1110383 gunny bags in Gujranwala district, 246592 gunny bags in Mandi Bahaud Din district, 188342 gunny bags in Narowal district and 60853 gunny bags were distributed in Gujrat district.

Deputy Director Food revealed that the department has yet purchased 428000 bags of wheat (worth of Rs. 1.39 billion) in Gujranwala district, 90300 bags of wheat (worth of Rs. 261 million) in Sialkot district and 51418 bags of wheat (worth of Rs. 167.5 million) in Narowal district.

He said that the Punjab government had fixed official wheat procurement target of 4320000 bags of wheat, besides, setting a target of distributing 4762000 gunny bags for Gujranwala Division during this season…

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