Curtain would be raised from faces which stole PTI mandate: Javed Hashmi

SIALKOT: President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Makhdum Javaid Hashmi, has vowed to continue its nation-wide move against election rigging besides, raising the curtain from the faces of all those who stole the mandate of the people given to the PTI by the people during the 2013 general elections, saying that the engineered rigging in 2013 general elections still remained a black sign on the face of persisting democratic system in the country.

He stated this while addressing après conference at Sialkot after reviewing the final arrangements made by the PTI to hold PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s big public meeting at Jinnah Stadium here on Saturday evening (June 07, 2014)

President PTI Women Wing Munaza Hassan, President PTI Punjab Chaudhary Ejaz Ahmed, PTI local leaders Umer Dar, Usman Dar, Umer Farooq Myere, Khawaja Arif Ahmed, Shah Nawaz Cheema, Brig (Rtd) Muhammad Aslam Ghuman and others were also present on this occasion.

Makhdum Javaid Hashmi said that the PTI will give very tough time to the PML-N government now after a year-long wait for the government’s political promises, saying that now the time was ripe for PTI to give very tough time to the government in the positive manners.

He strongly criticized the government, saying that the rulers could not deliver till now about their political promises and high clains of making the nation prosperous.

He said that Tsunami will reach Sialkot today (June 07) in shape of Imran Khan to wash out all the engineers of rigging. He said that the PTI will remove the black stain from country’s persisting democratic system, saying that the record engineered rigging in 2013 general elections had left a black spot on the face of democracy in the country as well.

Replying to a question, Makhdum Javaid Hashmi said that though the PTI never wanted to topple the democratic elected government, but it is time for the PML-N government also to wake up and fulfill its all the political promises, saying that the PTI will never leave the way of democracy and will play its pivotal role to strengthen the durable and sustainable democracy and democratic norms and values in the country.

Makhdum Javaid Hashmi alleged that the present government had pushed the nation into the quicksand of the problems including unending energy crisis, lawlessness, terrorism, unemployment, poverty and sky rocketing price hike. Due to which the poor people are selling and killing their children and also committing suicides. He said that this nasty situation was reflecting miserable failure of the PML-N government, which had not yet given any relief to the people as per their high claims and lucrative promises of changing the fate of nation.

On this occasion, President PTI Women Wing Munaza Hassan said that the present economical, internal and external policies have badly perturbed every person in the country, as the policies had also snatched the basic right of living from the common man. The rulers still remained unable to wipe out the tears of the weeping people badly hurt by the persisting unbearable circumstances in the country, she added.

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