Dilapidated school threat for lives of students

NAUNDERO: The building condition of Government Boys High School, Panjudero, near here, is in dilapidated condition where 370 little students from class VI to X are enrolled and their lives are in extreme danger along with the lives of teachers and other staff.

A visit to the school on Monday showed that the education department has completely ignored this school as if it is not their responsibility to provide congenial atmosphere to the sons of tax payers to exercise their right to education.

Classrooms, walls, teachers’ room, washrooms, corridors, even the front look of the building looked like the ruins of Moen-jo Daro.

Most of the parents have shifted their kids from this school to Naundero as they must be afraid of their well being.

Roof of the building has become so dangerous that its plaster keep on falling down almost daily due to which a few classrooms have been closed.

On hearing the news of media team’s arrival in the school Director Schools, Larkana region, Noor Jahan Abbasi, came there, saw the plight of the school building, herself.

She said that she is extremely worried about the school’s condition and undertook that students will soon be shifted to other schools till new building is constructed.

Manzoor Mangi, Head Master of the school told reporters that the school was constructed in 1995 and since then no repair or renovation work has been carried out due to which the building has become very dangerous for students. He demanded provision of basic facilities for this school and its students.