District: (Govt gradually fulfilling its all political promises: MPA)

SIALKOT: MPA Ramaish Singh Arora on Sunday said that PML-N government was gradually fulfilling its all the political promises made to the masses, saying the promotion of quality education was vital for raising the national literacy rate, besides standing in the line of the educationally developed nations in the world.

Addressing the participants of an awareness raising training workshop held here at Narowal, he said ensuring the easy access of people to education was the priority of the government, as the PML-N government has opened the door of getting education for everyone.

He linked the national economical and political prosperity with the educational stability and promotion. He said government was also assuring continuity of the economical and export development policies in the country. He claimed that the national economy was moving in the right direction towards the goal of political and economical stability.

MPA Ramaish Singh Arora revealed that the PML-N was successfully implementing on several effective and positive economical policies and these policies were now bearing fruits. He also reaffirmed to complete the past economical development agenda of the PML-N.

He said PML-N government has successfully put the country on the highway to success, economical and political stability by taking some very important decisions on the right time in the larger national interest.

He said now PML-N government was the guardian of democracy in the country and was striving for the rights of the masses. He said it would never allow anyone to derail the democracy in the country.

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