District: (Govt orders fool proof security of minorities’ religious places)

SIALKOT: The government has ordered the fool proof security arrangements in and around all the 531 churches and 100 Christians’ recreational places in Gujranwala Division’s all the main six cities including Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat, Mandi Bahaud Din, Hafizabad, in a bid to avert any untoward incident ahead of the X-mass Day here.

According to the concerned officials, the provincial government has also issued the directives to all the DCOs in these districts, advising them to ensure early deputation of the police and other security personnel in and around these churches, besides, keeping 24 hours vigilant eyes on the dubious persons.

Local administrations and police have also been asked to ensure the latest metal detectors, walk through gates and using the sniffer dogs for the security purposes, in this regard.

There are 134 churches in Sialkot district, 108 churches in Narowal district, 21 churches in Gujrat district, 25 churches in Hafizabad district, 10 churches in Mandi Bahaud Din district and 233 churches in Gujranwala district, where the tight security had already been beefed up, as the police troops and personnel of the law enforcing agencies will patrol from December 24th to 26th to ensure, security and peace there.

The police and other law enforcing agencies have also put on red alert ahead of the X-mass Day here, as the CCTV Camera were also being installed in and around the above-mentioned churches to ensure peace and to avert any untoward incident ahead of X-mass Day.

Meanwhile, the Christian community has completed all the necessary arrangement to celebrate X-mass Day with traditional zeal, enthusiasm and religious fervour in Sialkot district, with the renewal of a pledge to play their pivotal role shoulder to shoulder with the Muslims for national prosperity and solidarity. All the churches in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, Uggoki, Satrah, Pasrur, Badiana, Chawinda and surrounding areas have been illuminated, in this regard.

The Christians will offer special prayers in all the Churches for global peace, national integrity, solidarity and prosperity. The Christians will also cut the Christmas cakes, besides, greeting and exchanging each other and exchanged gifts during the special X-mass ceremonies.

The X-mass trees and churches were being decorated and illuminated by the Christians in Sialkot, Daska, Bhopalwala, Sambrial, Uggoki, Aadha, Pasrur, Chawinda, Badiana and surrounding areas.

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