District: (Indian BSF shelling victims cries for help)

SIALKOT: A victim of Indian BSF unprovoked shelling Bao Mohammad Latif has appealed the government, NOGs and philanthropists to help him and his poor family to meet the both ends. He said he was left alone at the mercy of the circumstances for dying in miseries allegedly by everyone.

Still living in his broken house in far-off bordering villages Bajra Garhi-Sialkot along with the Sialkot Working Boundary, , 65 years old Bao Muhamamd Latif has cried for help.

He said his house was badly damaged and shelled by the unprovoked heavy mortar shelling of Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) in August 2014 (six months ago).

He said he was deprived of his left leg and left arm, as Indian shells had hit him. He was the only person to feed his family. He was a cobbler by profession in the Indian shelling hit Bajra Garhi-Sialkot border village.

He said six months had passed but the government had not yet given him any financial compensation. He said he and his family now had no source of income and were living in a very miserable condition.

He said he had five minor daughters only and was the only person to feed his family. Now, he was unable to move. Sharing his prolonged and bitter miseries, the Indian BSF shelling victim, narrated that after losing his left leg and an arm, he had been put on a broken wheel chair for ever and he was unable to move by himself.

He said his five minor daughters were taking him to the washroom and toilet etc. He feared that he would die while waiting for government help. “It might be better for me to die on the spot at that time”, he maintained.

He stated that no one had yet given him even a single penny as financial compensation, despite the high claims of the government, in this regard. No one had yet reached there to help him, amazingly. He narrated “though, I am alive but now I am dying at every moment, as my little daughters were looking after me very painfully”.

Bao Muhamamd Latif lost his temper, while speaking with tearing eyes at the debris of his house, badly shelled by Indian BSF, urged the NGOs and philanthropists to come forward and help him and his family by providing him an artificial leg.

He said that the early provision of an artificial leg would be a great blessing for him, which could also help him to walk on, besides, enabling him to go to washroom/toilet by himself to answer the calls of the nature.

To a query, he said “yes, I have a big change in my life”. He said before the Indian BSF shelling he had been living a poor life and after this Indian shelling he had been living a very miserable life also.

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