District: (Over 1000 years old temple near to collapse)

SIALKOT: Over 1000 years old Shawala Teja Singh (temple) located at Sialkot city’s congested Dhaarowal locality was now crumbling due to the alleged negligence of the concerned departments.

It was in a dire need of urgent attention of concerned authorities for its preservation in original design and shape and protecting this historical monument from further damages.

According to the “History of Sialkot” written by Rashid Niaz late, this temple was more than 1000 years old. This temple had also been a safer place for the local addicts for a long period. However, some one could also find some addicts hidden there in the inside places of this temple.

Shawala Teja Singh was located there near the Allama Iqbal Road at a height of 100 feet from the road, as one has to climb up on staircases to reach this temple. This temple had ever remained a symbol of Hindu ethnic population who before partition used to pray, offer services and commemorate their Diwali, Holi and Dosahra with family.

A year ago, the local elected public representatives including local politicians Khawaja Mohammad Asif (Federal Minister for Defence, Water and Power) gave attention towards this building of the temple and got established a family park around this temple under the supervision of Sialkot Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA).

Rs. 5 million were spent on the establishment of this park. Now, a hustle and bustle of the local people could be seen in this family park.

Tough the TMA had established a family park for the local people around the empty land around this temple, but no one had ever bothered to repairing of this temple, as no one including Sialkot TMA and Auqaaf Department had ever allocated even a single penny for its repairing and preserving this historical monument in its original design and shape.

An anguished mob of the people, most of the Muslims, had badly damaged this temple including the toms of this temple as retaliation while protesting against the nasty incident of demolition of Babari Mosque in India by the extremists Hindus in 1992.

The Hindu Community in Sialkot had been using this temple, but after the Babari Mosque tragedy, the local Hindus in Sialkot stopped going to this temple as well.

Now, local Hindus including Rattan Laal (former member District Council Sialkot) and Rumaish Kumar have urged the government to ensure repairing of the crumbling building of Shawala Teja Singh temple.

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