District: Torrential rain lashed out Sialkot region

Sialkot: After three days long dry spell the torrential rain on Saturday lashed out the Sialkot region. It was the second torrential during ongoing fresh spell of the heavy monsoon rains in Sialkot region.

The torrential rain began very early on Saturday and remained continued intermittently the whole day. Reportedly, Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur cities remained inundated the whole day, badly paralyzing all the civic, business, trade and social activities.

The rain continued the whole day intermittently. It remained dark cloudy with the loud thunder of the clouds. The rain also inundated all the low-lying urban and rural areas of Sialkot region, which paralyzed all the political social, trade and business activities, besides, forcing the people to come out on the roads and in the streets to enjoy. The sizzling hot weather beaten people enjoyed much the pleasant weather after the most awaited wide-spread heavy rain in Sialkot region, as the winds continuously blew making the weather much pleasant.

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