District: Unscheduled load shedding causes hardships to people

Chakwal: Unscheduled load shedding of electricity caused great hardships to the people and now forced load shedding made the people to cry. The duration of load shedding entered into 18 to 20 hours in the area of Tehsil Lawa while the direction made by the Govt. that load shedding must be made according to the schedule but it was not done.

From the last 2 days cloudy weather have reduced the warm of summer, the 70 % population of rural areas were busy in harvesting the wheat crops, therefore due to load shedding had harvesting of wheat crop the shopping markets gave a deserted look and no business activities in trade sector was visible.

The load shedding specially at night time make the people to pass sleepless night and made the life of the common man more horrible.

Mosquitoes were increased at night time mosquitoes was playing havoc with the people and it is feared that dengue virus would a erupt if same state of affair will continue.

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