District: (Violence and crimes against women continued unabated in Daska)

SIALKOT: Violence and crimes against women are continued unabated in Daska. Police have registered separate cases of women’s abduction and rape.Local social, religious, political circles and civil society organizations have expressed grave concern over the rising henious natured crimes against women in Daska tehsil.

According to the details, the Motra police have registered a rape case against accused rapist Tabassum Shakeel for forcibly raping a married woman Saira Bibi, in village Nagor-Motra, Daska tehsil here five months ago.

According to the FIR, the victim Saira Bibi was demanding her money and golden ornaments (worth of Rs. 2 million) which was borrowed by accused Tabassum Shakeel and his wife Shazia about five months ago.

She was repeatedly demanding back he money and gold ornaments. On the day of incident (November 28th, 2014), five months ago, the accused Tabassum Shakeel called Saira Bibi at his home to take back her gold ornaments, where accused forcibly raped her at gunpoint and started black mailing her. Motra police are investigating.

Six armed accused forcibly kidnapped a married Khalida Bibi and her two children Ammar (8 years old)and Hadiya (6 years old) at gunpoint from their house in village Aadha-Motra, Daska tehsil here today. According to the FIR, the accused bundled the kidnapped woman and her children into a van and fled away. Motra police have registered a case against accused including Azhar and Awais with no arrest or recovery, in this regard.

On the other hand, the Daska Saddar police have registered an abduction case against the accused after about the six months of the incident. The case has been registered by the order of local court.

According to the FIR (No. 157/2015) as many as nine accused had kidnapped local Mohammad Riaz’s young daughter Shehnaz Bibi from her house in village Bhatta Glotiyaan. Police have registered a case against nine accused including Ashiq, Bakhat Hussain, Mohammad Altaf, Nadir Hussain, Fiaz Ashiq, Fatima Ashiq and Naseem Bibi with no arrest or recovery.

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