Epidemic diseases in Mirpurkhas affect livestock

Mirpurkhas: Cattle heads are dying due to pandemic diseases on almost daily basis in district Mirpurkhas. However, many Veterinary Hospitals of the district are non-functional and their staff is receiving salaries while sitting in their homes.

According to the details, cattle heads are suffering from different diseases due negligence of officers of livestock and veterinary departments. The epidemic diseases include dysentery, stomach ache and lungs disorder. Many poor villagers consider the epidemic diseases as mysterious ailments. Affected animals of these diseases die within 24 hours.

According to the sources, there are 53 veterinary centres in district Mirpurkhas, but majority of them are non-functional and closed. These hospitals receive funds of billion rupees, but the facilities of curing animals are unavailable in them. The staff of these hospitals has opened private clinics and are receiving their salaries without doing their government duty.

Residents of the area, Ali Nawaz Marri, Ayoub Rind and Krishan Kolhi said that 5 buffalos, 15 goats, six oxen and other cattle heads have already died in the area due to these infectious diseases. The death of the cattle heads is a loss of millions of rupees for local growers.

The residents of the area have requested the concerned authorities of government to take notice of the issue.

However, Deputy Director Veterinary Department Tikam Das, when contacted, said that we have vaccine and medicine available in a huge quantity; however, we have not received any compliant of the epidemic diseases.