Female student commits suicide bid after failing in exam

NAWABSHAH, Sindh: A female student of People’s University of Medical and Health Sciences (PUMHS) (for women) Nawabshah tried to commit suicide after she was failed to pass medical exam for next year’s study on Wednesday morning.

PPI learnt that 14 female medical students failed to pass the paper of biochemistry in two attempts and they required to study one more year in the same class to pass the failed paper. A dejected failed student “Z” ate poisonous substance in an attempt to suicide but her fellow students rushed her to People’s Medical College Hospital, where doctors saved her life. A foreign student was also included in the list of failed students.

Students of the university protested against the administration. They staged a demonstration at the main gate of the university and blocked road. They also marched from the hospital to the press club and chanted slogans against the administration there.

The university administration barred the protesting students from entering the university, but after media arrived there the main gate was opened.

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