Firing by Indian Forces

SIALKOT: The Indian Border Security Forces (BSF), resorted unprovoked intensified firing on Sialkot border villages in Bajwat sector of Sialkot Working Boundary here Saturday, targeting the civilian population there.

According to the senior officials of the Punjab Rangers (PR), the Indian BSF targeted the civilian population in Sialkot border villages in Bajwat Sector with small and big weapons early in Saturday morning by again violating the Ceasefire Accord. Indian firing continued almost the whole of day (Saturday) intermittently.

According to the local people, the Indian BSF also fired several heavy mortar shells badly damaging the several houses there. Several mortar shells also landed in the local fields which could not explode there.

The Punjab Rangers retaliated effectively in befitting manners, making the Indian guns silent, the senior PR officials added.

No loss of life or any injury was reported; the PR officials confirmed here,