Flood affectees in trouble near Naundero

NAUNDERO: The residents of Burira village are still stuck up in the village and some of them have shifted to safer places on self-help basis due to arrival of more flood water of Indus river.

A visit to the affected village on Saturday morning showed that hundreds of the poor people, including womenfolk and children, were waiting for government help to shift their cattle and other valuables as well. Those who have shifted to a link road were seen sitting under open sky without tents which have not so far been provided to them as claimed by the government.

Their houses had submerged into 7 to 8 ft deep water as this village is consisting of about 200 houses where approximately 1200 people are living and due to massive amount of water standing in their houses they have almost lost everything including food grains and other valuable items. Their entire crops have also been flooded by water hence of no use to them at all due to which they have undergone huge losses.

Ali Ahmed Narejo, Abdul Karim Kurio, Allah Bux, Bagan Narejo & others said that some of the villagers have shifted by hiring boats to a safe link road and are staying there under open sky adding that their village is being politically victimized by the government functionaries which is unjust. They said that over 10 lac cusecs flood water is flowing at the moment in Indus but the irrigation department engineers are hiding it for unknown reasons because, they added, they have never seen their village being inundated with 7 lac cusecs water in the past. They said that dykes around their village have never been strengthened which also exposes corruption. They demanded of the higher authorities to to resolve their grievances immediately & provide tents, food items, boats and other required material immediately to save precious lives by shifting them.

As many as 200 villages are located in the riverine area and all villages have been submerged into heavy monsoon rain water that is passing through Larkana district. The position of dykes has become weak as the rapid water flow is eroding protective Bunds including Moria Bund. PPI.