Frequent traffic jams torments Larkanaites

LARKANA: Frequent traffic jams has become a headache for the residents of Larkana as the traffic cops remain busy in earning instead of ensuring smooth flow. SP Traffic is sitting in Sukkur and it is managed by the Writing Head Constable of traffic police station here as the two Sergeants occasionally perform their duties.

The efforts taken by Deputy Commissioners and Senior Superintendents of Police have gone down the drain due to political and non-political involvement at massive scale as the present DC ordered removal of wagon stands out of city, but the stands are still visible which have caused tremendous pressure on smooth flow of traffic.

The problem has multiplied due to non-availability of traffic signals on main roads and roundabouts, while illegal encroachments by habitual land grabbers, plying of Chingchis despite ban imposed by the court, operation of cattle pens, donkey carts and non-existence of one-way have added to the traffic jams. More traffic jams occur Lahori Muhalla, Brohi Railway Crossing near Rice Canal, Pakistani Chowk, Jinnah Road, Bakrani Road, Jalus Bazaar, Anaj Mandi, Fish Market, Chandka Bridge, Gajanpur Chowk, Al-Abbas Chowk, Shaikh Zayed Women Hospital Road, Bank Square, and Qaim Shah Bukhari Road. These are the worst affected areas where traffic cops are rarely seen deployed.

The traffic system has been divided into two zones which are looked after by two separate traffic Sergeants but they have never been seen by the citizens performing their duties even during morning and evening rush hours and the whole system is being carried on by a WHC of traffic police station who is posted there since last 16 years due to his strong political influence which should be thoroughly probed as he is also said to be involved in getting illegal gratification from each traffic cop daily hence is alleged to earn millions of rupees monthly. Traffic flow was considerably improved after the three-wheel motorcycle Chingchis were wiped out of Larkana but they have again surfaced on the road right under the nose of cops.

SP Traffic Sukkur, Hakim Mithiani, told newsmen here on Thursday that due to frequent traffic jams issue, he had removed Sargent-2 Inspector Khan Mohammad Hisbani and had posted Inspector Imtiaz Mirani. He said that due to massive increase in population in Larkana and narrow roads, traffic flow is seriously affected for which they are trying to improve. Hakim further said that IGP Sindh gave 370 cops for Larkana traffic police but only 120 are working and others are not being given to him by the Larkana district SSP for which, he said, he will talk to the IGP.

SSP Larkana Kamran Nawaz conceded that traffic jam problem continue to rise in Larkana day by day for which stern actions are needed and added that if traffic police needs any help, he is ready to extend.

On the other hand, psychiatrist Dr. Inayat Magsi has termed frequent traffic jams as worst as well as hazardous for the health & mental growth of school children as they keep on waiting for hours in vehicles due to which they suffer very badly.