Govt. should take bold step on Kashmir issue: Hafiz Saeed

SIALKOT: Ameer Jamaat ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has asked the Pakistan government to adopt a clear and bold stance over the burning Kashmir Issue. He expressed complete solidarity with the depressed people of the held valley and said that the sun of freedom of Kashmir will rise soon and people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir will get freedom from Indian yoke.

He stated this while talking to the newsmen at Daska here Friday. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed urged the Pakistan government to resolve the burning Kashmir Issue as per the aspirations of the people of Kashmir. He said Pakistan should not start trade with India and not give MFN Status to it. Early freedom from Indian yoke and plebiscite to the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir was their basic right and Pakistan should resolve the Kashmir Issue first.

He claimed that the Kashmir was running into blood of the Pakistani nation. He urged the Pakistan government to globally pressurize India for ensuring early implementation on the prolonged delayed UNO Resolutions, saying that India should give the basic right of plebiscite to the people of the Held Valley.

Earlier, while addressing a Jumma Sermon at Nawaz Sharif Stadium Daska, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed vowed to make all out sincere efforts and even to sacrifice the last drop of his blood to save Pakistan from the Non-believers and to make Pakistan a real Islamic welfare state. He said that the time was coming when the Pakistan will be the Center of the Muslim World.

He said that demolition of the Babari Mosque under the Indian government’s supervision has raised the curtain from the Indian secularism. He strongly criticized Congress and BJP, alleging that all the Indian political parties were united at the agenda to crush the Muslim in India. He said that the whole India was responsible for the nasty incident of demolition of Babari Mosque.

He said that the mosques and the rights of the Muslims were not protected in India. He said that dozens of the mosques have been demolished, besides killing hundreds of the innocent Muslims in India under the supervision of the Indian government.

Pakistan government should take some bold steps to protect and safeguard the mosques, the religious seminaries, besides, protecting the rights, lives and properties of masses, he demanded. He also urged the government to ensure the supremacy of Quran and Sunnah in the country, saying that the Quran has the complete code of life.

He said there was no doubt to say that water closure was a burning issue of the day, which has also became a matter of integrity, as the India wanted to destroy Pakistani agro based economy by stopping the water in Pakistani rivers.

He said that the terrorism and militancy was causing severe losses to the nation and the country. He vowed to continue a nation-wide move for protecting the ideology of Pakistan. He urged the Muslim Ummah to be united and shun their sectarian differences in larger national interest and glory of Islam.

He said that the Islam has presented a global system of foolproof security and peace, saying that the terrorists have no religion, as every religion of the world gives the lesson of love and peace and respect of the humanity. He added that the present wave of terrorism was a conspiracy against the Muslim Ummah. He also urged the Ulema of Pakistan to play their pivotal role in promoting religious and sectarian harmony, brotherhood, unity, faith and peace in the society..

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that interference of America, India and Israel was rising day by day in internal matters of Pakistan and it has now become vital to halt this external interference, adding that the ‘foreign hands” were spending huge amounts in Baluchistan with bad intention to separate it from Pakistan.

He pledged to continue the ongoing water works projects including digging the wells in Tharparkar and Baluchistan , saying that the Jamaat ud Dawa was serving the drought-hit people of Tharparkar including the local Hindus without any indiscrimination.

He added that the people of Baluchistan were also loyal to Pakistan and were ready to sacrifices their lives to defend the Motherland.

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