Here is why SRP Larkana Centre renovation is in doldrums

LARKANA; Sindh Reserve Police Center Larkana is facing basic problems as repair and renovation budget released in 2011 has not been properly utilized due to which all its 16 quarters constructed in two blocks and building are under serious threat of collapse.

According to reliable sources, Sindh government released Rs 6.6 million in 2011 to carry out major and minor repair and renovation work of the existing building and quarters, located near Taluka police station here, but the influential contractor, who is said to be closely related to a very high police officer, left the work in mid due to which most of the quarters are still without doors, windows, bathrooms, gas and electricity.

During recent rains, its main building was leaking due to which about 400 government rifles got rusted, these sources disclosed. Out of 900 SRP men, as many as 150 are staying in these quarters who are always deputed to discharge their official government duties throughout Sindh during emergencies.

These sources further disclosed that work of about two million rupees was carried out in the center by the contractor which too was substandard and the cracks are clearly visible, cement bars are falling down from the roofs and during recent rains water was pouring down from the roofs which showed that the building has become very dangerous.

These SRP sources further said that DIG SRP has also been informed in written several times, but nothing has come out positive as yet because of the relationship of the contractor. Will the government take immediate notice of the affairs of SRP center and order carrying out repair & renovation work without loss of time.

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