Jirga’ settles murder of ‘Kari girl’

LARKANA: A procession of notables turned into a grand Jirga has decided the case of murder of 18-years Raheela Jeho, who had been killed by her husband, Sonal Jeho after parading her like dog and forcing her to drink poison when she asked him to grant permission for visiting her in-laws, first time after her marriage, reliable sources said.

The accused were fined Rs 2 million out of which six lacs were waived off by father of the deceased woman named Mohammad Bux Jeho and balance amount will be paid to the parents of the young woman, who was married just six months before in exchange of Karo-Kari incident in which her cousin Nadim Jeho was declared Karo.

The alleged Jirga was reportedly headed by Sardar Zulfiqar Kamario who also led a gathering of notables which included other notables among others from Syed community as well including little girls holding Holy Books over their heads.

Father of the deceased woman Mohammad Bux Jeho told Newsmen that he respected & gave weight to the arrival of notables’ procession and Holy Quran and pardoned the killing of his daughter for which no Jirga was held.

Zulfiqar Kamario told newsmen that the affected parties are cousins hence members of a family and their dispute was continuing since long over honour-killing and payment of land issues which now they will decide themselves.

Kamario denied that any Jirga was held to decide the murder case or fine was imposed. He further said land payment of accused party’s Roshan Jeho amounting to Rs: 1.4 million was due to the party of Mohammad Bux Jeho and added that Roshan Jeho has now waived off this amount as well.

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