Load shedding in Naudero begins

NAUDERO: The announcement made by the Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, Water & Power Minister Khawaja Asif and others that no load shedding will be carried out for three Eid days was openly violated here as only Eid day it was honoured and on second & third day worst power outage was started and is continuing.

The people who usually enjoy these days while remaining at home and the children go out of their town to nearby cities where recreational facilities are available.

There is even no park here for the population of over 80,000 which is termed lungs of a town or city and the governments and municipality has done nothing since over six decades to establish a public park for the benefit of the residents.

The citizens continued to suffer in this scorching heat and there was nobody to listen to their grievances and resolve them.

Same eight hours load shedding was started on second day of Eid-ul-Fitr which means after every four hours power was put off for two hours and this is continuing since then.

Shehri Action Committee leaders Manzoor Mangi, Ghulam Hyder Narejo, Mazdoor Ittehad leaders Mumtaz Sethar, Sahab Khan Shaikh and others have deplored this step-motherly attitude of the SEPCO authorities which also shows their discrimination towards this town.