Maulana Sherani speaks

SDERA ALLAH YAR: People of the country would become enemy while those using arms were become patriotic with the approval of Protection of Pakistan bill. This was stated by Amir JUI Balochistan and Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani at a Press conference at Dera Allah Yar.

He said under section 14 of Protection of Pakistan Ordinance all people of Pakistan are enemy of the state and criminals as well except such institutions which have power of weapons. They are neither criminals nor traitors.

Maulana said under section 3 of same Ordinance weapons carriers will be witness, justice and whatever decision they announce would be final. If they shoot any one it would justified legally. They have also been empowered to bulldoze any house or enter any house and search it without any prior permission.

He was of the view that international conspiracies were being hatched against the country and internal war has been started to divide it to secure objectives of its division.

It is not to say if talks are held every thing would be good. Situation would be seen in the context of international background. He said those who turned world into global village desire they should have their hegemony over the world and system evolved under new world order should be enforced.

Maulana Sherani said to secure their objective World War IV has been started. He said a conspiracy was underway to malign Islam so Muslims must not be fuel of this World War IV.

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