More power load shedding may hit Naundero

NAUNDERO: The Superintending Engineer, SEPCO Circle, Larkana, has sent a list of as many as 70 feeders of his circle to Power Distribution Company (PDC) in Sukkur, directing them to target these entire feeders and carry out electricity load shedding over & above the stipulated timings, in violation of the federal government’s announced policy.

This was revealed by the PDC duty staff on Friday on the condition of anonymity when they were approached & asked by Journalists as to why power outage is being made against the announced hours by the federal water & power minister of six to eight hours out of 24. These seventy feeders also include five feeders of Naundero, they confessed, where load shedding is made over and above the announced schedule which too is against the declared policy of the federal government to ensure uniformity in the country and discourage discrimination among the residents of the provinces.

The PDC staff further revealed that they have further been directed by the SE Larkana to shift load of other feeders on these targeted 70 feeders to cover losses. The citizens of Naundero have been hit hard by frequent power & Sui gas outages for no fault of theirs at all as over 14 hours electricity load shedding is being made here daily & regularly which is sheer violation of the instructions of higher authorities.

Senior citizens including rice millers, small traders, shopkeepers have expressed their utmost resentment over targeting the hometown of world famous political leaders. Mumtaz Sethar, Shahab Khan Shaikh, Khan Mohammad, Zawar Jiand, Manzoor Mangi, Ghulam Hyder Narejo and others said that targeting just 70 feeders including five of Naundero prove that the citizens of Naundero have been specially targeted by the current rulers which is inhuman and against the spirits of equality. They warned the rulers to remember their responsibilities for which they were elected to the government adding that if the unannounced load shedding of power & gas did not stop they will come out once again on roads to secure their basic rights which are paid by them regularly.

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