Naundero city littered with garbage

NAUNDERO: The ever growing hometown of Bhutto leaders, Naundero, has turned a city littered with garbage owning to negligence of local municipal authorities.

The heaps of garbage can be seen every locality including Ghareebabad, Pir Jo Goth, Katpar Muhalla, Pir Girghal Shah muhalla, Mirani Muhalla, Kertia muhalla, Ghar Wah, Shahnawaz Bhutto Colony.

Most of people clean their streets themselves and get their chocked overflowing sewerage drains cleaned by paying the municipal sanitation staff in order to save themselves from infectious diseases such as malaria and dengue.

Reliable sources said that most of the sanitation staff has been deployed at the residents of VVIPs due to which garbage is not regularly lifted and removed from the thickly populated areas.

Mosquitoes have said to the miseries of the citizens coupled with 12-hour-long regular electricity load shedding.

The residents of Ghareebabad locality held a protest demonstration and chanted slogans against the municipality. The protest was led by PPP activist Qurban Jarwar, Siraj Mangi, Aijaz Mangi and Waqar Jarwar.

Talking to newsmen, they complained that since last many months, they have not seen municipal staff to clean their locality and remove garbage.

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