Need stressed to develop leadership skills

Karachi: President, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab has said it should be the prime objective of the educational institutions to provide competent people, capable to accept challenges and to resolve the problems of the country.

This he stated while addressing teachers and students of Punjab College, Hyderabad.

Director, Punjab Group of Colleges Mohammad Asghar Chudhary and Controller of Examination, M.A. Jinnah University, Tariq Ahmad were also present.

Dr. Abdul Wahab said that most of our educational institutions have failed to show excellence due to lack of proper planning and it has become our routine to always cry for shortage of funds although we may resolve our all issues within our limited resources.

He urged not to be disheartened in difficult situation because all great people of our history remained successful facing all difficult situations with courage. He said that a person who overcomes his problems with strong nerves get more confidence to tackle any kind of worst conditions in this situation a strong personality is emerged.