People thronged to Chenab to beat scorching heat

SIALKOT: A large number of the scorching heat-beaten people including women and children thronged to the banks of River Chenab near Head Marala for picnicking there and to beat the sizzling heat. They took bath in Chenab waters.

The several government officials from Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat and Gujranwala districts were also present with their families there, while eating the summer season’s cool products, water melons, which were on sale there at the banks of the river and canal by the sellers. They sold water melons on inflated rates, chilled by them while dibbing the big quantity of the water melons into the water in river and canal as well.

Some women were of the view that they do not have any sea beach like Karachi here thus the people were picnicking at the banks of River Chenab near Head Marala. The youths were busy to play cricket and football there.

They also dumped the wrappers of the juices, eatables fruits including mangoes, juices packs etc. at the banks of the Chenab, making them very filthy. Several eve-teasers also remained present there to tease the females. Thus, some such quarrels were also reported. Local villagers brought their cattle to get them washed in Chenab’s waters.

The sizzling hot weather-beaten people violated the government ban on bathing in river and canal in Sialkot district and this nasty practice still remains unchecked an unabated, leaving the question marks on the performance of district administration of Sialkot, in this regard.

The Head Marala is a picnic spot where a large number of people reach to rejoice the joy of natural landscape and beauty. The boats are back in River Chenab at a picnic spot near Head Marala as the water level was souring up in River Chenab due to the melting of the snow from Icy Alps of neighbouring Occupied Jammu & Kashmir after six years-long closure of water by India in River Chenab towards Pakistan since 2008.

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