Plan to remove encroachments from Larkana

Larkana: The Divisional & District Administration has decided to remove all encroachments from Larkana city to ensure smooth flow of traffic and cleanliness.

In a meeting held here at Commissioner’s House on Thursday presided over by Commissioner Ghulam Akbar Laghari and participated by DC Javed Jagirani, SP Tauqeer, municipal commissioner, Manager NSUSC and respective assistant commissioner Masood Bhutto, it was told to the participants that on the directives of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari a final drive for removing all kinds of illegal encroachment will be started in Larkana city without any discrimination or influence which has created lot of problems for the commuters & residents alike due to which frequent traffic jams also do occur.

The first phase will start from five important places including Station road, Lahori Muhalla, Bakrani road, Jelus Bazaar and Pakistani Chowk and then spread to other areas.

The meeting further decided to fix notices in these areas so that respective people should remove their hoardings/occupation themselves or else the same will be removed with the help of heavy machinery.

The meeting was further informed that according to a recent survey 95% encroachments are of preliminary nature and only 5% are of permanent nature.

Electric polls between the roads will also be removed by the SEPCO authorities.

The meeting further decided to take action against donkey cart owners who are bringing paddy straws daily making cleanliness problems.

A permanent taskforce will also be established to ensure that these encroachments are not again established.

The meeting took no notice of the cattle pans established in the city and the dung of buffaloes when taken out daily in the morning & taken back to the pans do create lot of cleanliness issues.