Politics (PPP far behind in LB polls)

SIALKOT: The prevailing political scenario of Sialkot has left the PPP far behind in LB polls race in Sialkot district , as the PPP did not field its candidates for the fast approaching elections of the local bodies in Sialkot district.

According to the local independent political observers, the PPP’s political role is equal to nothing in Sialkot LB polls politics”. PPP has left the political field open for the other main political parties including PML-N and PTI as well, in this regard.

Various old PPP workers were of the view that PPP is also keeping “political silence” ahead of the LB polls in Sialkot district, due to the alleged lack of party leadership in Sialkot.

On the other hand, PPP stalwart and former federal information minister Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan has fielded her own candidates and fully backing up them under the name of “Awami Khidmat Group”, as she has been running the election campaign in almost all the rural union councils, falling in her electoral constituency (NA 111, Bajwat-Sialkot) here.

While addressing several election corner meetings in favour of her candidates, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan is vowing to continue her political tradition of serving the local people without any political indiscrimination, saying that though the PPP has not fielded its own candidates in Sialkot for LB polls, due to which she has fielded her own candidates in rural union councils of her electoral constituency (NA 111 Bajwat-Sialkot) here under the name of her “Awami Khidmat Group” here.

Talking to the newsmen here at Sialkot, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the people have become matured politically and now would not be deceived again by the high claims and lame excuses of the government about their betterment, saying that the people in her electoral constituency are being victimized politically by the local elected representatives.

She said that the LB polls would also help to end the crisis of the leadership in Sialkot. She urged the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to take serious notice of the violation of election code of conduct by the PML-N candidates in Sialkot, alleging that the entire government machinery has been running the election campaign of PML-N candidates ahead of LB polls in Sialkot district…