Qingqi registration still pending in Larkana

LARKANA: Qingqi motorcycle rickshaw owners have yet to apply for registration of their three-wheelers.

Not a single 3-wheeler Qingqi motorcycle rickshaw has so far been registered at the Regional Transport Authority or Excise & Taxation department here despite expiry of deadline notified to them by the Secretary, Provincial Transport Authority (PTA), Government of Sindh, Karachi, through a notice (entitled Regulation & Control of Qingqi Motorcycle Rickshaws) published in the Press on February 21, 2016 in which a deadline of April 05, 2016 was fixed for making appropriate changes in the relevant qingqies in pursuance to the orders passed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Civil Petition No: 423-K.

The order directed that the Qingqi rickshaws shall be in conformity with motor vehicle laws. The owners/operators were further directed in the add to get registration, fitness certificates & route permits along with invoice/sale letter and other documents from the manufacturing firms/companies approved by the PTA Board to effect compliance of the orders of the apex court & submit the same to concerned department for registration.

Over 20,000 qingqies are operating in Larkana district since long & most of their drivers are immature who are unaware of traffic rules due to which fatal road accidents have become very common as they keep on driving zigzag that too very rough and traffic cops remain busy in extracting money from them. Frequent traffic jams have also become a headache for the citizens because of wrong parking & illegal encroachments.

Aijaz Surhio, Superintendent, Regional Transport Authority, Larkana, told Reporters here on Thursday that they have sent a detailed report today to higher authorities stating therein that Qingqi owners/operators have not complied with the directives of the apex court and they have failed to comply with the directives of the PTA. He said further action will be taken on receipt of the orders of concerned authorities.

Inspector, Excise & Taxation Department, Larkana, Naveed Shahani said that no owner or operator of these 3-wheel motorcycle rickshaws has come to them for registration nor they have received any directive from the Secretary to register these vehicles. Will the concerned authorities including PTA take stern action against them is yet to be seen in the near future.