Railway Station near Larkana turns cattle pen since years

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Railway Station near Larkana turns cattle pen since years

November 18, 2018

LARKANA:Bux Jatoi Railway Station wears a deserted look as no train stops here since past eight years due to the negligence of the railway authorities.

Since the track passes nearby the surrounding villages and due to non-usage of the railway station, the platform has been occupied by the villagers and they are fastening their buffaloes and other animals on the platform which has been destroyed over the years.

Villagers including Hasan Shah, Fayaz Jatoi, Imamuddin, Janan Shah and Manzoor Jatoi told media that about 15,000 residents of about 20 surrounding villages had been deprived of train service since last eight years. They said previously all trains, including Qalandar Express, Bolan Mail and Khushal Khan Khattak Express, were stopping here, but now recently introduced passenger train Moenjo Daro has even no stop here which is a discrimination. They said that the railway station had been turned into ghost house because of its constant closure.

They demanded of Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed to order repair, renovation and functioning of the Bux Jatoi Railway Station forthwith so that they can also avail the safe train service facility.

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