Rally staged against attacks on Hindu temples

NAUNDERO: The members of Sindh Graduates Association, Naundero took out a rally and held demonstration outside Benazir Bhutto Press Club here on Sunday against attacks on Hindu temples and their places of worship in Sindh.

The protest was led by Abdul Lateef Kertio, Ghulam Hussain Katpar, Muhammad Shareef Abro, Riaz Kalhoro, Sanaullah Jarwar and others. While talking to media, they said that in 1947, unscrupulous people forced Hindu community to migrate to India and then the same class took over their lands and houses and now the same criminal-minded people were conspiring to repeat the same practice which must be curbed with iron hands.

The graduates further said that the minorities were passing their days under severe pressure and mental torture due to highhandedness of very few extremists because the Hindu community people continued to receive extortion chits, as their houses were being robbed by the criminals without any provision of justice to them which showed that they were forced to leave the country without any reason so that their wealth and property was forcibly taken over by the vested interests which would not be tolerated.

They urged the Hindu community not to leave their motherland at all under any circumstance. They demanded of the government to provide security to the minorities as per the constitution so that they could also live like other citizens in peace do their business which would also enrich the country.

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