Rickshaw driver kidnaps 5 minor girls

JAFFARABAD: A rickshaw driver carrying children to schools abducted five minor children including three minor girls with the help of his accomplices in Dera Allah Yar Wednesday. He left three girls in Ratto Dero while two boys were taken to unknown place.

Police in a raid arrested five persons including brother of Rickshaw driver.

According to details A rickshaw driver Waris Ali Bugti who carried children to school in his rickshaw abducted five children of Hindu with the help of his colleagues. They included Parem Kumar, his sister Pareet, Om Kumar, his two sisters Heer and Malika. Kidnappers took the children to Sindh area of Ratto Dero. They left three girls Pareet, Heer and Malika at a petrol pump. Citizens shifted them to Ratto Dero thana. Police contacted their parents in Dera Allah Yar and informed them of their abduction. Relatives informed Dera Allah Yar thana. Police came to action and arrested five persons including brother of rickshaw driver Liaqat Ali.

ON information of abduction of five children, parents of other children rushed to the school to see them.

Hindu community shut down its business to mourn the incident. They gave two days ultimatum for recovery of abducted children otherwise a shutter down would be observed in the city.

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