Rickshaw drivers protest in Larkana

Larkana: Rickshaw Drivers Labour Union leaders held a large demonstration at Jinnah Bagh roundabout here on Thursday by parking their vehicles all around, demanding implementation of government announcement of reducing LPG prices.

Gulzar Gopang, Ghulam Qadir Soomro, Nazir Lund, Mahboob Mastoi, Ghulam Sarwar Soomro and others took part in the protest.

Due to their protest the roundabout remained blocked, causing hardships for citizens.

The protestors were chanting slogans against the local LPG dealers who have ignored the government policy. They said that they are poor and work for long hours to earn livelihood for families but it is being denied by these dealers who refused to abide by the laws.

They said that government announced reduction of Rs25/- per kg in the LPG rates on 27th October, 2014 but the local dealers are still selling it at Rs:143/- per kg which is unjust and open violation of government directives.

They demanded of the district administration and other concerned authorities to strictly enforce the government rules and establish writ of the government so that they get LPG at government fixed rates.

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