Sialkot faces acute shortage of flour

Sialkot: There was acute shortage of flour in Sialkot district as the flour crisis was aggregating day by day. The wholesalers and retailers have displayed special notices on their shops regarding the non-availability of the flour there. The people were forced to buy the flour at the rate of Rs. 50 to 55 per KGs from the Chakies in Sialkot: Daska: Sambrial: Uggoki: Kotli Loharaan: Bajwat: Head Marala: Satrah: Badiana: Chawinda: Pasrur: Qila Kalarwala and surrounding areas.

The shopkeepers were of view that flour mills owners were not providing them the flour at the control rate. They pointed out that millers were also supplying them the flour bags in shortage: saying that the millers only provide them ten flour bags if they place the order of 100 bags of flour at the inflated rate of Rs.1050 per bag of 20 KGs against fixed official rate of Rs. 785 per bag. People have been suffering from great ordeal in getting flour due to persisting artificial shortage of flour in Sialkot district. Now: the flour crisis aggregating in Sialkot district here.

On the other hand: Sialkot DCO Iftikhar Ali Sahu has pledged “quick” action against the hoarders: in this regard. He said that the concerned officials of the food department have been directed to make all out efforts to ensure the maximum availability of the flour in Sialkot district’s all the four Sialkot: Daska: Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils for providing maximum relief to the people.

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