Sirajul Haq-Grand Peace Jirga

SIBI: Objectives could not be achieved for which Pakistan was created. This land was obtained for Islamic system. Under a conspiracy an atmosphere of hunger and fear was established in the country.

These views were expressed by Amir Jamaat Islami Pakistan Sirajul Haq while addressing Grand Peace Jirga at Jirga Hall here Sunday.

He said even infant in mother’s stomach is indebted to World Bank and IMF. Pakistan is running on foreign aid for 67 years and it has been made Himalaya for coming generations. They have degrees but their is no employment. He said peoel of Balochistan have to go to schools and not mountains and caves to secure their rights. Instead of gun friendship should be made with book and pen and secure rights from Islamabad. Baton, bullet and gun is not solution to problems. Young generation shod gather on Jamaat’s platform for development of Balochistan prosperity of its people.

Sirajul Haq said every nook and corner of Pakistan is rich in minerals. Allah Almighty has blessed this country with minerals, rivers, four weathers and numerous blessing but Islamic system could not be enforced for which Pakistan was achieved. He said there are degrees but no employment, hospital are present but no facilities are there, no education in schools. Corruption and loot was at the rise. Human being has reached to the moon but our children are seen searching their food at the filthy heaps.

He said President, Prime Minister and provincial and federal ministers cannot travel in the dark of night. They have taken shelter either in Quetta or Islamabad. Labeling our weaknesses onto the others has become a tradition. He said 180 million people are deprived of facilities owing to some people. He said he would ask political workers to think of future of coming generations rising above party’s interests. Pakistan is name of 180 million people and not four provinces. People of Sibi, Kalat, Quetta and Balochistan supported Pakistan on the call of Mohammad Ali Jinnah who urged for enforcement of Shariah, Quranic system in the country. He also spent last days of his life at the soil of Balochistan. But his successors destroyed his vision and the objective for which Pakistan was achieved was not fulfilled.

He said rulers were enjoying power turn by turn and following American dictation. They have made America their ‘Qibla’. By activating capitalism they were fully enjoying. We have to stop their way. He said we held march in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi for support of Namoos Risalat (PBUH).We would never forgive blasphemous at any cost. We asked Nawaz Sharif to summon emergency meeting of OIC but he played role of silent spectator. We would united Islamic world at our own and secure Namoos Risalat (PBUH) till last drop of our blood.

Sirajul Haq said Balochistan is hurt today. Everyone in the province is confronted with problems and facing disappointment. Baloch nation wants its rights and not charity. It is written in the constitution that minerals mined from Balochistan are rights of people of the province. Education, health everything has destroyed here. There exists relation of master and slave. He asked prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to fulfill his responsibility for resolving problems of this province. Cruel Islamabad, Cruel Sardars, cruel Khan and Cruel Chaudhry are committing excess in the country. Let us pledge today we would make all the political parties accountable, give one system fo education to new generation in which all would be equal. We would enforce Islamic government and government would treat five fatal diseases free of cost. Government would provide atta, ghee, rice, tea, sugar at subsidized rates to the families whose income would be small. VVIP and VIP laws would be abolished.

He appealed to Baloch youth not to go to mountains but come to houses. Let us jointly make rulers accountable. They should support Jamaat Islami in the coming elections to take rulers account of corrupt rulers. We would resolve problems of Balochistan in league with all political parties.

He asked media not to portray Balch youth as terrorists but change its behavior so that no more incidents take place.

He said Zafarullah Jamali and Farooq Leghari come to power but problem of Balochistan could not be resolved. Today’s massive jirga would play important role in country’s history.

Earlier Sirajul Haq also inaugurated school on a land donated by AbdulSamad Marghazani.

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