Stage play held

RAWALPINDI: Stage play “Wakhri Sawair” was a production of Rawalpindi Arts Council as part of an awareness campaign written by renowned playwright Naheed Manzoor and directed by Syed Salman Tahir Shah. A beautiful bride-to-be, her handsome fiancé and a girl affected by a debilitating illness: this is hardly the conventional sort of love-triangle that audiences are used to watch in our society.

During the play, a mother witnesses the unintentional humiliation of her daughter. Following repeated calls to get up and dance to celebrate the impending nuptials – the girl can hold back no longer.“Can’t you see that I can’t walk? I have been struck by polio!” Unable to further endure her daughter’s anguish, the mother runs on to the stage to publicly admit responsibility for her condition.

“I didn’t let her have the anti-polio drops because I thought they would make her sterile.” To the surprise of the audience – comprised mainly of undergraduate students from the city’s various universities and colleges – the protagonist steps in and jilts his fiancée in order to marry the polio-stricken girl. Sabir Khan, Sapna Shah, Laiba Ali, Reha Yousaf, Nimra, Shujaat Humayon and Yousaf were in leading caste of the drama.