Survey unearths 2105 ghost teachers in Khairpur distt

KHAIRPUR: At least 2105 ghost teachers of Khairpur district, the region belonging to Chief Minister Sindh, are working as Personal Assistants (PAs) of politicians, MPAs, MNAs and Ministers, and employees in media, NGOs and other organizations.

According to details, the officials of education department conducted a survey and sent a report to Sindh government, informing that as many as 2105 primary and secondary teachers are not attending their schools in district Khairpur as they are working at other places.

An education officer told that out of 2105 ghost teachers, 217 are working as lawyers and 88 as PAs and servants of politicians including MPAs, MNAs, ministers, while 316 are working as employees in NGOs, 45 in insurance companies and 345 in private schools. Thirty more are out of countries without permission while 138 are working in print and electronic media as journalists. About 240 teachers are doing their own business while 693 are not attending schools deliberately.

Another survey conducted by a social organization Ahsan Women Development Association Khairpur stated that the above ghost teachers had close relations with politicians and education officers.

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