Ziauddin University students set up medical relief camp in Tharparkar

Tharparkar: A team of students, doctors and support medical staff from Ziauddin University and Dr. Ziauddin Hospitals, made another visit to the Tharparkar District of Sindh as a follow up to the medical relief camps initiated last month. The students of Ziauddin University’s Institute of Communication and Media Studies, participated actively in the endeavor and assisted the relief team in setting up the medical camp.

The medical relief camps are aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the health issues prevalent in the District, increasing access to basic primary health care and preventing epidemics.  As a result of the medical camps it was learned that water and sanitation remain to be the most pressing issues in the area, where women and children sometimes have to travel for miles to obtain clean drinking water.

Around 600 patients were treated by Ziauddin’s team in the native villages of Nathoro, Alamyar and Haryar. Out of the total patients who visited the medical relief camp, 60% were children aged between 2-10 years.

The aim of this activity was to gain insight into the health problems of Tharparkar so that efforts and resources may be directed in a fashion that maximizes utility for the people of the District. There are a number of problems that the people of Tharparkar have become complacent about that are unfortunately impacting their wellbeing and that of their future generations. This series of medical relief camps by the students of Ziauddin University, Institute of Communication and Media Sciences (ICMS) and doctors from the Dr. Ziauddin Hospitals is a small attempt to improve the lives of the inhabitants of Tharparkar.

Some of the most rampant diseases that the patients were diagnosed with included chest congestion, eye infections, dehydration, skin infections, and gastrointestinal infections. Two cases of malnutrition were discovered, one of which was a 2 year old child and the other a young female adult aged 20. Minor fractures and bone injuries were also treated at the medical camp.

Blood samples were also drawn which were brought back to Dr. Ziauddin Clinical Laboratories and tested for medical research purposes. It was identified through this research that protein deficiency was the leading cause of malnutrition in the District. These results will be further investigated by medical experts to provide targeted medical care to the people of Tharparkar. The information acquired as a result of this activity will also benefit other health care providers looking to increase access to medical care in the District.  As a response to the research conducted, follow up camps will be set up in order to continue the cycle of medical care provision to the people of Tharparkar.

This is not Ziauddin University and Dr. Ziauddin Hospitals first involvement in community welfare activities. Ziauddin University has extended student and faculty support to the community of Sikanderabad, Karachi in order to operate a sustainable, community-driven family medicine health care centre within the community.

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