Activists demand controlling inflation

LARKANA: Digital census is a national murder which we do not accept in any way and has been rejected by us as the Sindh government wants to turn Sindhi people into a minority by imposing and settling illegal foreigners and outsiders on us. This was stated by Zulfiqar Buledi, Ghulam Nabi Mangnejo, Munir Domki and others who took out a large rally while holding Jeay Sindh Mahaz flags in their their hands and shouting slogans against record inflation, massive unemployment, digital census, recovery of engineer Majid Hyderi and other issues confronted by Sindh.

They said that we citizens are insecure in our own land and the Sindh government is mum. They said that Majid Hyderi has been whisked away un-necessarily whose only sin is that he served his helpless people. They said that the current government has failed to control the rising price hike in the country due to which the poor people are suffering in the sea of inflation. They said that Sindh is rich in agriculture, minerals, and natural resources but the poor people living in the province have been deprived of the two-time bread due to inflation which is high-handedness and completely unfair. They demanded to control ever increasing inflation and price hike without loss of time.