Bashir Ahmed Naz first Pakistani elected as SVP of AFTC

SIALKOT: The newly elected Senior Vice President of Asian Federation of Therapeutic Communities (AFTC) for Asia Bashir Ahmed Naz has stressed upon the need of making all out sincere individual and collective efforts to ensure the proper utilization of the international standard of anti-addiction treatment of the drugs addicts in Asia, besides, sharing each other’s observations, experiences and later treatment for the rehabilitation of them with a sole aim of making them useful citizens of the society.

He stated this while talking to the newsmen at Daska here Sunday, his home town, after being elected as AFTC Senior Vice President for Asia during the recently held 9th AFTC Conference at Sri Lankan capital Colombo under the auspices of “Colombo Plan” Organization.

Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mr. D.M. Jayarathne administrated oath from the newly elected office bearers of AFTC for Asia during a special oath-taking ceremony held at Colombo, Sri Lanka. As per the Sri Lankan social rites, Bashir Ahmed Naz the newly elected Senior Vice President of AFTC for Asia gave a special gift of “Friendship Ring” , a Sri Lankan traditional ring, to Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mr. D.M. Jayarathne during the said prestigious ceremony.

Bashir Ahmed Naz, who is also Chairman of NGO Young Blood Foundation Daska, was the first-ever Pakistani elected as SVP of AFTC for Asia for the next two years. The Pakistan has clinched this post for first time in the 25 years long history of AFTC.

He added that the Pakistan would play its leading frontline role in curbing the menace of drugs addiction and in promotion of international standard drugs abuse treatment and rehabilitation of the addicts in Asia.

He hoped to also bring betterment in mutual anti-addiction working among all the 34 AFTC member countries with high hopes to reduce drugs abuse in Asian Countries under the umbrella of AFTC.

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