Big blow to growers: Naundero Sugar Mills closed!

Naundero: Naundero Sugar Mills was closed after commissioning it for two days here on Monday, causing a severe blow to growers. Mill’s Finance Manager Hamza Ali Chakrani told newsmen that due to a sudden fault in the machinery system, the mill had been closed. The mill was due to be made functional on 20 November2013, but on the insistence of Sindh government, it was started ahead of required deadline.

He further said that mill would now start operation after 10th Muharram-ul-Harram. Growers, who had cut their sugarcane, were worried to sell it. President Sindh Chamber of Agriculture Larkana, Siraj-ul-Oliya Rashdi, told PPI that arbitrarily closure of the sugar mill had amounted to blackmail growers in a bid to purchase their crop at cheaper rates.

He said that the sugarcane, which cut by growers for supplying the mill, was drying in their fields, which would cause loss to the growers. He termed the closure as harassment of growers who only rely on one sugar crop in a year.

He further said that burning wood was being sold for Rs 400 per 40 kg whereas sugarcane was being purchased by the mill owners at Rs 180 per 40 kg which was unjust. He further demanded that Rs 400 price for 40 kg for sugarcane be fixed, otherwise, they would be forced to understand that government & sugar mill owners were jointly involved in looting the poor growing community.

Sugar mills authorities are continuing to use paddy straws instead of furnace oil due to which ash particles are coming out of its chimney causing severe hardships to citizens of Benazir Bhutto’s home town. The people of Naundero have demanded the filters must be installed to make it environmental-friendly, otherwise they would be forced to come out on roads and hold protest demonstrations.

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