Daska in grip of criminals

SIALKOT: The criminals spent another field day, as they remained on rampage in district and lifted away four motorcycles, gold ornaments, cash in national and foreign currencies, electronics and other valuables worth millions of rupees in several more strikes here.

In Daska city, five unknown armed dacoits looted gold ornaments, cash, electronics and other valuables worth of Rs.1 million during a broad day light from the house of Abdul Hameed Jarral, Customs Officer deputed at Sialkot.

Reportedly, the accused stormed into the house located at few yards away from the buildings of CIA and Rescue 15 Daska on College Road, made hostage all the family members including women and children at gunpoint and fled away after looting.

The grieved family told that the Daska City police was timely informed about this nasty incident but the police covered about a kilo meter long distance in several hours and reached the spot after the hours-long delay, when the accused had fled away after looting.

Four unknown armed accused forcibly kidnapped a Daska based leading trader Haji Fakhar uz Zaman Billah at gunpoint in his car from City’s congested College Road locality. Reportedly, the accused hijacked the trader in his car (No. LED 6029) and took him towards Ghakhar Mandi at gunpoint. Where, the accused snatched Rs. 100,000 in cash, mobile phones and his car worth of Rs. 1.8 million. The accused beat up badly the trader, tied him with ropes and fled away after throwing him into fields near Ghakhar Mandi area.

In Daska city, some unknown thieves broke into the house of retired senior banker Muhammad Ashraf Barq located at congested Jaamkey Road locality and decamped with gold ornaments, electronics, 2500 Euros, laptops and other valuables worth of Rs. 1 million. The retired banker had gone to Saudi Arabia to perform Umera along with his family. City Daska have not yet registered a case, in this regard.

In village Kot Bhukkaraan-Motra, Daska tehsil, some unknown thieves took away Rs. 1.2 million from the cupboard in the office of a bricks kiln of Ghulam Abbas.

Unknown thieves took away Rs. 17000 in cash from the poultry shop of Farhan located at Awami Road Daska city.

In village Bhagwal Awan-Uggoki, unknown armed accused snatched Rs.30, 000 in cash and mobile phone at gunpoint from a school teacher Haseeb Sadiq.

Most of these looted people still remain unable to get their cases registered at Daska City police station. They told the newsmen that they were repeatedly visiting the Daska City police station, but the police was reluctant to register their cases. They alleged that instead of registering their cases, the senior police officials deputed at Daska City police station insulted and disgraced them. The victims also told the newsmen that in most of these major robberies and theft incidents, the Daska City police was timely informed about the incidents, but the police reached after the house-long delay, in this regard.

Daska city remained in grip of heinous crime wave, as the incidents of robbery, motorcycles snatching and theft are rising in city, due to which the peace-loving people were feeling insecure, as police have allegedly put them at the mercy of the criminals.

Local social, business, educational and political circles have expressed grave concern over this alarming situation and alleged that the Daska city police have failed to trace out the culprits directly and indirectly involved in these major crime incidents. They further alleged that the Daska city police have allegedly put the peaceful people at the mercy of the criminals.

They have urged the Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, Inspector General of Police Punjab Khan Baig and Sialkot DPO Muhammad Gohar Nafees to look into the matter to secure the lives and properties of the people, re-making Daska a crime-free land.

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