DCO suspends 26 teachers, 3 clerks for absent from duty

SIALKOT: District Coordination Officer (DCO) Sialkot Iftikhar Ali Sahu has terminated as many as 26 government schools’ teachers including three clerks due to their prolonged absence from the duty without any intimation.

Those teachers who have been terminated from their jobs are: Aysha Lateef (Govt. Girls High School Goindkey-Daska), Sofia Rehman (Govt. Girls High School Qila Kalarwala-Pasrur), Shiva Ram (Govt. Allama Iqbal Memorial Higher Secondary School Gohdpur-Sialkot), junior clerk Muhammad Shahid (Govt. Girls High School Jhaaranwala), Abbas Ahmed (Govt. Girls High School Ghartal), junior clerk Rana Zulfiqar Ali(Govt. High School Baddokey Cheema), Fareeha Sadique(Govt. Girls High School Khanpur), Ghulam Batool(Govt. Girls High School Rasulpur Bhalliyaan), Shakeela Tabassum ((Govt. Girls M.C. Elementary School Abbot Road-Sialkot), Riffat Tahira(Govt. Girls Elementary School Waddiyaanwala), Muqaddas Bibi (Govt. Girls Elementary School Akbarabad), Aneela Almas (Govt. Girls Elementary School Bharthaanwala), Shama Jaffar(Govt. Girls Elementary School Ram Rayiaan), Zainab Zahra(Govt. Girls Elementary School Dhaamonkey), Naseema Mirza(Govt. Girls Community Model Elementary School Aadamkey Cheema-Daska), Rabia Ashraf(Govt. Girls Elementary School Bhikki Sindhuaan), Sameena (Govt. Girls Elementary School Kassowal), Sadaf Saeed(Govt. Girls Primary School Mehnga), Kausar Sadique (Govt. Girls Primary School Jhumiyaan), Rukhsana Kausar(Govt. Girls Primary School Padana), Shaheen Jahan (Govt. Girls High School No. 2 Chawinda), Khursheeda Begum(Govt. Girls Primary School Rangor), Shazia Ameen(Govt. Girls Elementary School Sayyan-Satrah), Muhammad Shamas(Govt. Elementary School Mianwali Bangla No.1) and Muazzam Aslam(Govt. Primary School Verowala).

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