District: PML-N government promoting revolutionary economic policies: Zahid Hamid

Sialkot: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid has said that the PML-N government was promoting a revolutionary economical policies, saying that these policies would be helpful in making Pakistan a self-reliant and stable economically depending upon the available national resources. He added that present government was implementing on several revolutionary practical steps to pull the country and the nation out of persisting energy crisis , besides, tackling the internal and external issue amicably in the larger national interests.

He stated this while talking to the newsmen at village Syedaanwali near Sialkot. He added that the PML-N government was striving to cope with the persisting energy crisis for giving maximum relief to the people. Zahid Hamid revealed that now the PML-N was the guardian of democracy in the country and was striving for the rights of the masses. It would never allow anyone to derail the democracy in the country, as PML-N would successfully eliminate the anti-democracy conspiracies of the anti-democratic elements.

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