Experiment of merging 400 primary schools into closer schools flopped

SIALKOT: The experiment of merging 400 government primary schools into their closer government schools in Sialkot district flopped due the irrelevant policy of the Punjab government. The concerned officials of District Administration have admitted this massive failure, saying that these schools were merged into their closer government schools two years ago under the Punjab government’s Consolidation Policy, but there were several flaws in this policy which had generated several serious administrative problems. The heads of those schools in which these government schools were merged were not accepting or sharing their powers and interference in their matters.

Requesting anonymity, the senior officials of local education department told that the present analysis depicted that each village or locality has two or more District Government Primary Schools of Boys and Girls functioning separately without feasible enrolment. Most of the localities had five to six classrooms and an equal number of teachers divided between two or more schools. They added that despite sizeable investment in building and provision of teachers classes still remained without a teacher and a classroom. The low teacher-student contact due to unsustainable spread of teachers had resulted in low enrolment and retention at Primary level in district’s the four Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils.

The officials admitted that the said experience of merging the 400 government primary schools into their closer schools in Sialkot district remained flopped. They added “everyone has realized this failure”. They added that this practice of merging had also wasted the millions of rupees and other governmental resources as well. Now, we are moving back for bringing betterment in the local educational system, which had become much perturbed due to the said two-year long merger of these schools there. This nasty practice also decreased the students’ enrolment in these schools, they added.

The disclosed that the buildings of the 400 government private schools were being misused by the local politically influential people, as the buildings of these schools had been lying unattended since their merger into their nearby schools.

They narrated that after this flopped experiment, now the Sialkot education department officials were also shifting the students and their teachers to their previous schools’ buildings, in a bid to save the empty school buildings from their misuse by the local politically influential people.

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