FCR to be implemented in letter and spirit

LANDIKOTAL: Assistant Political Agent Landikotal Tayib Abdullah while inaugurating the new building of the judicial magistrate’s court said that FCR would be implemented in letter and spirit to curtail crimes ratio in Landikotal sub-division of Khyber Agency. The tribal elders’ jirga will also be taken on board while resolving criminal and civil cases and other local disputes in Landikotal.

APA Landikotal Tayib Abdullah heard a criminal case in which the criminal was fined one million for committing a murder in Peero Khel area of Landikotal. The criminal will have to suffer in jail for three years more if he failed to pay the fine, APA Landikotal remarked, saying that it was imperative to punish and heavily fine the criminals to minimise crime ratio in the area.

The local administrator was of the view that comparatively the crime ratio was less than the one in the down districts. He said that the on going militancy had adversely affected the jirga system and its fair proceedings that has slow down the early and quickly resolution of the disputes.

Both the criminal and civil cases would be heard every Friday in the newly established court room in Landikotal in the presence of the jirga members and the accused ones, APA Landikotal informed. He said that the jirga decisions, if unfair and biased, would be reviewed to ensure fair and speedy justice.

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